5-25 Jamestown Audubon

May 25, 2007 at 12:52 pm (Uncategorized)

I had a nice morning walk at the Jamestown Audubon today. The first part of the morning I had fun looking for wildflowers with Jeff, one of their naturalists. He showed me a most beautiful Pink Ladies Slipper. After that I spent an hour looking for dragonflies. I got most of the usual ones for this time of year.

  • Eastern Forktail
  • Dot-tailed Whiteface
  • Common Whitetail
  • Widow Skimmer
  • Sedge Sprite
  • Slender Spreadwing
  • 12-Spotted Skimmer
  • Black Saddlebags
  • Common Green Darner
  • Fragile Forktail

Sedge Sprite

Pink Ladies Slipper



  1. winterwoman said,

    I was going to try to do a datasheet today, too. But when I got back from doing school visits, it had rained, and not much was out. Lots of darners and forktails… and one puzzling brownish non-descript thing that wouldn’t let us catch it. I suspect a baskettail. I want it to be a beaverpond baskettail… but maybe it was a clear wing variety of common baskettail. You didn’t see any of those???

  2. Jeremy Martin said,

    I did find common baskettails at Clay Pond in the evening. Tomorrow I will try to get out of the house early enough to watch some emerge (depending on the weather) at the RTPI pond. Later I might go to the bog for a bit!

  3. mon@rch said,

    such wonderful list of dragonflies and must be getting close to summer with all these guys flying already! Love the lady slippers!

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