Finaly an update!

July 19, 2007 at 7:29 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been very bad about updating lately.  Thats because of some changes in my life right now.  I took a job in Medina and am in the process of moving to Lockport.  Because of this I have not had time for much surveying this summer, but the upside is that I now have four more counties that are easily accessible.  I just have to find places to go!  Today was the first day I ventured out at lunch.  I stopped at a small stream running through a park in Medina.  From the car I saw many Powered Dancers, but nothing else.  I suppose I’ll need to get out of the car and do some walking soon.

I made a purchase recently that has already been a great addition to my insect pursuits, a pair of close focusing binoculars.  After much (~3 months) of consideration I went with the Pentax Papilio 8.5×21.  They focus down to 18 inches!  I had also seriously considered the Eagle Optics Ranger 8×32, which I had tried out, but didn’t like as much.  I am happy with my choice, and cant say enough about these!  They act like a hand-held microscope if you are close enough, and work great as binoculars too.  I have been using them for birds with great success.  The best par was they were practically free.  I didn’t want to move my jars of change, and I didn’t want to roll it, so I took it to one of the coin counting machines in the grocery store.  If you get a Amazon gift certificate instead of cash it doesn’t cost anything.  So I used my found money to cover the bill…

Here are the results of my last two “real” surveys.

  6-24-07 Levant (~15 minutes)

  • Ebony Jewelwing
  • Blue-fronted Dancer
  • Blue-tipped Dancer
  • Arrow Clubtail exuvia
  • other exuvia (x2)

6-24-07 Clay Pond (~30 minutes)

  • Widow Skimmer
  • Eastern Forktail
  • Variable Dancer
  • Fragile Forktail
  • Skimming Bluet
  • 12-spotted Skimmer
  • Calico Pendant
  • Slender Bluet
  • Common Baskettail
  • Eastern Pondhawk
  • Prince Baskettail
  • Ebony Jewelwing
  • Common Green Darner
  • Rainbow Bluet
  • Elegant Spreadwing

7-15-07 BPU (~15 minutes)

  • Eastern Forktail
  • ? Spreadwing
  • Vesper Bluet
  • Common Whitetail
  • Unicorn Clubtail
  • Eastern Pondhawk
  • Eastern Amberwing
  • Orange Bluet


  1. Patrick said,

    I love the Papilios. I have the 6x and they work great, even for birds.

  2. mon@rch said,

    Congrats on the binoc’s and I hear you about being busy this time of the year! Glad things are going well and great list of dragonflies that you have listed!

  3. winterwoman said,

    Finally, Jeremy!!! Hey, I was out with the Day Camp yesterday and found a damsel I couldn’t ID. I haven’t had time to upload the pictures… Maybe Monday. It was mostly dark brownish/greenish above, pale below. It had skinny little orange shoulder stripes and ocular spots. That’s all I remember right now. Orange bluet is the closest thing I’ve found, but it doesn’t seem quite right…

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