November 20, 2007 at 8:39 pm (Uncategorized)

While I have been waiting for my wife to go into labor I have been working on my records.  Yesterday I finished the data sheets for the NY DEC survey, and dropped them in the mail.  Today I finally got around to logging into my OdonataCentral account and start uploading records.  I just finished putting in all new county/species records from 2005.  I had 15 new records in 2005, but only uploaded 13 of them.  The other two did not have good enough pictures to make a correct ID, but I have better pictures from 2006.  Uploading your records is made very easy.  Before they are accepted a biologist needs to review each record for correctness.  This site is the definitive storing house for dragonfly research.  You can search by counties or by species.  It uses Google earth to display collection locations.  Check it out and upload your records!


  1. scienceguy288 said,

    Those pictures below are fantastic!

  2. Elaine said,

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Thank you so much for your beautiful site. I notice that the last post is from November 2007. I hope that you are simply bogged down by the arrivial of a new baby, and that you will soon be back on line.

    One year, I visited a wildlife refuge in southern NJ. A very quiet, still, late-summer morning. As I turned into the first bend onto the drive loop, I stared in awe at the pond to my left. Hundreds of blue damselflies – at least that’s what I called them – were hovering over the water, barely an inch above the surface. Every now and then one would move about, but mostly they just “hung” there. Oh, how I yearned for a camera! Never have I yearned for a camera so much. Every year thereafter I went back, and never again did I see that sight. Do you have any idea which damselfly I was likely seeing?

  3. LOB said,

    Hi Jeremy,

  4. LOB said,

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. We were glad that you could join our tour. Did you get any decent pictures?
    Hope to see you at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage this year. Maybe you could lead a walk at the Pilgrimage some day.
    Linda O’Brien

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