2010 Nature Pilgrimage Dragonflies

June 9, 2010 at 7:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Last weekend was the 52nd annual Allegany Nature Pilgrimage at Allegany State Park. Every year I seem to get some great dragonflies and this year was no different. I had two lifers this year! The first dragonfly was a Delta-Spotted Spiketail. I found this guy on a mushroom walk when we crossed a power line clearing that had a slow stream running through it.
Delta-spotted Spiketail

Later that day I was on a walk looking at the tornado blow down trail after 20 years and a walk participant found a Southern Pygmy Clubtail on one of the walk participants.
Sothern Pygmy Clubtail

I lead two walks on Saturday with a combined 70 people attending. We caught tons of Common Baskettails, a Unicorn Clubtail, a 12-Spotted Skimmer, Skimming Bluets, and Rainbow Bluets.

At home I had a few Widow Skimmers emerge in the aquarium last week and yesterday I had a 12-Spotted emerge.


  1. Jennifer Schlick said,

    I keep meaning to set up a larval aquarium. Are they pretty easy to take care of? Maybe you should do a blog post on raising nymphs!

  2. greensuzan said,

    I am enjoy watching dragonflies dacing in the sky, how about you, I think it is wonderful!
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